Hello, I am Peter Kloss.

Why did I start blogging?  Intellectual stimulation.  I recently graduated with a M.S. in Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship (RPI) following a stint working as a cyber security consultant (Booz Allen Hamilton).  Before that I happily spent four years earning a B.S. in Computer Science (RPI).  And before that I went to a top-notch small, private high school in the Northeast.  Before that I did the usual – summer camps and sports, video games and more.

Why does my past matter?  My “intellectual” life can be broken down into three phases so far, the pre-college, B.S. + first job, and M.S. to now.  In the first phase I spent my waking hours playing video games, endless hours, ignoring my schoolwork, no interest in going to museums, etc.  Somehow I found my way into an awesome institute and tried to become a professional gamer (note to others: if you have the capacity to be a professional gamer, then you have the capacity for everything this blog is about) and found my way into my first real job, only to be bored and doing work that was not intellectually stimulating – at least that is what I thought.

Finally, I entered phase III, the phase that is endless fun.  I rediscovered reading (if I’m particularly excited I manage 3-5 books a week), I started ignoring how other people judged me and doing the things I enjoy, and I decided I need to be happy with life.  My idea of a fun night out?  Having debates and conversation about complex and exciting topics at bars, pushing the limits of conversation, and most of all having fun.

That brings me to the present, my friends have been encouraging me for years to start a blog and to start discussions about topics that often aren’t thought of.  For all the people that are lost, I hold plenty of valuable degrees, act as mentors for many people, expand my knowledge daily, and I am unemployed!  Be optimistic, be open, be happy, life finds a way of working out.  Enjoy!

P.S.  Things I love:  innovation, creativity, happiness, business, technology, cooking, everything human, and strategy.

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